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Publisher: Marsilio Editori

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788831786799

Ricomporre l’infranto. L’esperienza dei sopravvissuti alla Shoah

(Engish suggested title: Reassembling What is Crushed. The Experience of Four Survivors to the Shoah)

The book focuses the elaboration of collective mourning by analysing the experience of four survivors to the Shoah: Marek Edelman, cardiologist and leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (“the guardian”); the Italian writer Primo Levi (“the witness”); Isaac Deutscher, biographer of Leon Trotsky (“the heretic”); Gershom Scholem, a Walter Benjamin’s friend and historian of Kabbalah (“the mystic”). As it aims at providing the right tools to face all issues related to the Shoah, the book is not only addressed to historians and psychologists but also to whom wants to deeply understand the impact of the Holocaust on the survivors.
Meghnagi’s book can be useful to help in developing the ability to face and counter the modern forms of anti-Semitism – which has lately replaced the Jew-as-an-individual with the Jew-as-a-nation. Also, it deals with revisionism and negationism, which were born in Europe and which are feeding contemporary Arab nationalism.

About the author:
David Meghnagi (Tripoli, 1949), professor of Clinic Psychology at Rome III University and a member of the Board of the Italian Union of Jewish Communities, designed an innovative MA in Didactics of the Holocaust. Meghnagi, who is also a member of the International Psychoanalytical Association, has published several books: S. Freud, A. Zweig, Lettere sullo sfondo di una tragedia (1927-1939) (edited by, 2000), Interpretare Freud. Critica e teoria psicoanalitica (2003), Il padre e la legge. Freud e l’ebraismo (2004, 3rd edition), Le sfide di Israele. Lo Stato ponte tra Occidente e Oriente (2010).

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