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Format: hardcover

Ritorno a mondo antico

This is the story of a journey, Chiara’s journey back home. She’s not like her friend from the House for Abandoned Children. She will discover that she belongs to a forgotten people, the changeling people of the Ancient World. Her extraordinary power would be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. The Duke and his barons want this power to rule all the nations of the earth. With the help of a mysterious boy she meets on his journey, Roby, Chiara bravely face his enemies.

SIMONA BARUGOLA born in Vercelli in 1969. After graduating, she worked as a computer programmer. The arrival of her two little girls changed her life. “His two unstoppable butterflies” teach her that when you are convinced of what you want, the difficulties are better addressed and the mountains become hills. Simona changed her objectives.

In 2010 she published The Middle Dawn Hour.

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