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Publisher: Graphot Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-97122-19-7


La cultura del bere responsabile

A journey through the drinking universe in all its aspects: fermented, distillates and liquors by showing rough materials, production process, history and quality indicators.
All steps are explained from their history until the mixture, even with photographs in order to reproduce them faithfully.
“Mixed drinking means moderate drinking” and it is important to be aware of the healthy and socializing aspects of responsible and aware drinking.

The versatile barman Fulvio Piccinino, born in 1967, has twenty years of experience in the drinking world.  From Londoners clubs, to the cruise ships to the more exclusive Italian club and pubs, he developed a curiosity and research about traditional and modern cocktails.
In recent years, after having become a professional sommelier, he started to teach ”drinking culture” in hotel and catering schools and professional institutes. He also developed the project Saperebere about the history and the culture of drinking world.

240 pages

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