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Space and cohabitation. How the urban marginalization was born.

In this book, the famous Italian sociologist Franco Ferrarotti resumes his studies about the urban periphery to analyze the urban changes and how we lost contact with the left wing, which gave the social problems the top priority.
Why did the old “red belt” begin to be afraid to lose the hard won well-being? This book answers to this question, placing in the middle of this study the theory that the marginal and not much populate periphery does not exist anymore; now it is integral part of the city. For that reason, we must carry the downtown to the periphery.

Franco Ferrarotti is Professor emeritus of Sociology at Rome University “Sapienza”, dean of the Italian sociologists, founding father of the trade journal “Book of sociology” and now editor of “The sociological criticism”. For our editions, he wrote The place’s sense (2009).

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