Book Detail

Publisher: Giunti Editore

Format: hardcover

Storie della storia del mondo

Stories of the history of the world

Leo and Lia’s mother tells her children stories based on Greek mythology, with a touch of suspense. The City of Troy, the story of Helen and Paris, Ulysses’s craftiness and countless other episodes become gripping adventures for Leo, Lia and all the other young readers. Great epic narrations are mixed with the colloquial tone of a mother’s storytelling and the amazed and dreamy comments of the two young listeners. Stories of the history of the world is part of a cycle devoted to classical mythology. The book draws heavily on Homer’s poems and Virgil’s Aeneid, without depriving itself of the most difficult and often dramatic episodes of the classic epic. In fact, the author transforms them, thanks to a soft and toned-down language. The mother’s narration to her children gives young readers the protection of a reassuring narrating voice.

Size: 21 x 28.5; Pages: 156 in colour; Binding: Hardcover with jacket; Imprint: Giunti Junior

Laura Orvieto started to write books for children in 1909, combining her passion for literature, especially Greek and Latin mythology, with her love for children. Her biggest success, Storie della storia del mondo, celebrates one hundred years in print this year: a classic that has never ceased to go strong.