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Publisher: 66THAND2ND

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788898970056

Summer of the Dogchild

“Menego was fourteen. Michele, Ercole and I were twelve, Stalino was about to turn twelve and who knows how old the black dog was. Summer 1961. Our world was made up of dead people who came back, imaginary knights, a time when legends where real.” The speaker is Vittorio Boscolo, a police captain about to retire. He has just received a letter with an old drawing. A man with horns is throwing a black dog into a well. All of a sudden, the scream from the past becomes unstoppable. Vittorio goes back to Brondolo to find out what happened to little Narciso and what really happened that summer, the last before he and his friends were forced to abandon the illusions of childhood forever.

World rights: available