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Publisher: Abaco Edizioni by Vecchi Editore Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788895303178

The Blue Fairy

Forest Creatures series

This series is comprised of three titles: The Blue Fairy, The Little Gnome, and The Two Elves.  These are very original books thanks to the vertical opening, especially created to increase the sense of perspective and distance. Another main feature of this successful series is the particular shaping which never cuts the illustration and results in a pleasant effect: every drawing was realized taking into account the book shape. The text is rich with educational advice, particularly useful for young children, such as: never go alone in the forest, wash your hands before eating, be polite and respect others, eat apples as they are good for your teeth, etc.

Rights sold: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Latin America (Mexico and Brazil excluded).

Pages: 12 (6 spreads)
Cover: Shaped board book

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