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ISBN: 978-88-99123-08-6

The nine principles of successful strategic planning

How many times thinking about his company an entrepreneur asks: “How can I make it grow? How can I let her make the right progress? How to achieve lasting success and sustainable?”

The answers are in this book.

Strategic planning is the way that people undertake to make your organization able to choose and take over their own future. This reading will upset the ideas of those who do business, will overthrow the evidence, will upset the certainties and make it ready for new ways to manage the company, those for the new market, those needed for new business, those useful to understand and meet the new needs of humanity.

Pages 144 cm 16.5 x 23.5

The author

Roberto Lorusso is founder and CEO of the duc in altum Ltd., manufacturer of Target Navigator, the first software in Italy for the project management of Strategic Planning. The concepts and ideas contained in his books and publications have been implemented with great success in many Italian companies. He was the creator and designer of a unique method based on the Strategic Planning Systems Dynamics and Backcasting approach which he is a true pioneer. It is also recognized for his meetings and his tenure in strong experiential character which translates and makes tangible the culture of the Learning Organization.

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