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Publisher: Leone Editore

Format: paperback

The Occult Labyrinth

Anno Domini 1503, castle of Gorizia. The venetian merchant Janus de Visser is found strangled in his room. Astonished by this unexpected murder, the lord of Gorizia wants to shed light on the crime, calling for investigation Tiberio di Castro, a roman physician and apothecary in exile. Supported by the merchant’s daughter, the fascinating Isabella, and by a mysterious novice, Tiberio will follow the footsteps of an ancient civilization. In order to bring the truth to light and retrieve a priceless manuscript, Tiberio will face the Turkish troops and disavow false demons in an adventurous escape along the Istrian coast, deep through the Republic of Venice territories. Dark times are following pope Alexander VI’s death, and an obscure power calls for the completion of a disquieting prophecy. An intriguing tale of poisons and deceptions set in the the 16th century.

Spanish rights: Algaida-Boveda

Albanian rights: Ombra-GVG

Other world rights all available