Book Detail

Publisher: Find Out Team Srl

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788851802417

The Red Scarf

A wonderful story about friendship and about the global warming affecting our Planet. The book’s unique design attracts children’s imagination and creativity and conveys both an emotional and an educational message. This is a beautiful story that brings a sense of empathy all readers.

Rights sold: Korea, Germany

About the Author:

Sen Woo, a well experienced capacity and all-rounder in Design, Illustration, and Animation filed. He has started his career in the animation field in 1995 and he was taking responsibility as a Creative Director and Art Director on many recognizable design and cgi-animation projects for many years. After he finished his study at School of Visual Arts in New York, He worked on “Garfield gets real”, a full CGI animation feature film distributed by Fox. After that, Sen Woo worked on many overseas projects such as “UFC 2009” (by THQ, XBOX Game), “Garfield Fun Fest” etc. In 2010, Sen Woo was responsible for the 2010 South Africa World Cup Promotion Design of Coca Cola in Korea, Yahoo Brand Story Campaign and their merchandise design too. In addition, he has been responsible for other design projects for corporations such as Coca Cola in Korea, Yahoo, Lotte, CJ Entertainment, CGV, Sejong Center, etc. Later in 2013 Sen Woo became a published author with “Red Muffler”, which was introduced one of the unique books of 2013 by il Resto del Carlino in Italy. And now he is focused on writing and illustrating books, and also visual communication design.