Book Detail

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Gruppo Albatros – Europa Edizioni – Verigo Edizioni – Lastaria Edizioni , 7/13/2017

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788856781465

The Sergeant’s Egg

Moments of private life and major events of the history of the twentieth century on the thread of memories, are interwoven in this written (even if not always easy to reconstruct and pigeonhole in the right sequence).

As often happens, personal testimonies have the merit of giving posterity a genuine vision of what happened:

Fascist twenty years, WWII, the immense tragedies that primarily hit the innocent population.

In these difficult years lived Michele, father of the author and protagonist of these pages. Arrested for desertion and sent to the Marche, enlisted into a German military company committed to defend a bridge from the advance of the allies.

Fear, hardships and that “sergeant’s egg” conquered with cunning and a pinch of recklessness. A story of great humanity and high documental value, important for understanding all the significant moments of italian history.