Book Detail

Publisher: Atlantyca

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-566-1450


Every morning Jack Booker, aged 16, takes his motorcycle to go to school and gets stuck in heavy traffic. One day, in order to avoid being late, he decides to try an alternative route: he doesn’t know yet that this decision is bound to change his life forever. After losing his way, Jack will find himself in front of a breathtaking view: at the bottom of huge bastions, stands an endless army as far as the eye can see, as if it were a forest of spears, plumes and banners shaken by the wind.
At first, Jack thinks he has ended up on the huge set of an extremely expensive movie, but he will soon discover that everything is true and getting home will become an unforgettable adventure!
– A fascinating novel, first book of a trilogy by a very promising author.
– 5,000 copies sold in Italy in only 3 months
– Of the adventure genre, with its evocative setting and engaging characters
– 10 final pages with a beastary including all the strange creatures shown in the story

Format: cm 13 x 20
Hardcover w/jacket
Illustrations: Matteo Piana
Illustrations in B/W
Pages: 432
Age: 12+