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Publisher: Casa Editrice Kimerik

Format: paperback

Ti racconto una favola

I’ll Tell You a Fairy Tale

Behind closed doors, love is born. It has the voice of a mother who enchants her child with a lullaby. Love has the voice of those who are close to the youngest children. Love has the voice of a grandfather telling stories, or a father who returns home late at night and shares a small bedroom with his son.
We wanted to expand upon this: the exact moment in which dreams are born as children listen to fairy tales. This is the book Ti racconto una favola (I’ll tell you a fairy tale), a book but also a container of ancient and new emotions. All of the authors of these tales understood the strong motivation for creating this book, listening to our goals and agreeing to collaborate to create this lovely book. We are pleased to thank each and every one for their enthusiasm and spirit in creating this shared emotion known as a book. And you, reader, now that you know how this work was born: take care of it. It is a precious gift that we offer you with love and with a smile.”

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