Book Detail

Publisher: Atlantyca

Format: paperback

ISBN: 51137328

Tom O’Clock- Time Detective

The Waxworks Heist
Welcome to the first-ever mystery series able to change the course of history! A dynamic trio of kids from New York, Tom O’Clock and his friends Josh and Annika, are detectives with the mysterious Wells Detective Agency. Their job is to go back in time – from Ancient Rome to French Revolution Paris, from the Wild West to the court of Queen Victoria – to investigate cases that could to alter the course of the events as we know it. Tom’s got a knack of detecting and making sense of evidence that no one else even notices, while Josh has the gift of the gab and can charm people into giving him the important information they need, and Annika is brave and throws herself headlong into danger.
From time to time, the three do argue a little, but they always manage to crack their cases and have a lot of fun!