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Publisher: Marsilio Editori

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788831705721

Un giorno verrò a lanciare sassi alla tua finestra

(English suggested title: Stones at your window)

The surprising debut of a twenty-six-years old writer.

«Claudia Durastanti depicts her American tales with that perfect reliability, that calibration of ambiences, dialogues, gestures that must be drawn from direct experience, from a certain way to look at streets and scenarios, to feel their scent» Paolo Mauri, La Repubblica

Thirty years. Thirty years of American history, thirty years of desires and expectations. About love, escapism and falls. Un giorno verrò a lanciare sassi alla tua finestra (Stones at your window) is the cruel and way too human epopee of six different teenhoods, six ways to intend life in its traumatic twists. Michael and Jane, Francis and Zelda, Edward and Ginger: tales of encounters and detachment, of forced solitudes that, from the Seventies in New Jersey, move to the dirty pureness of Manhattan in the Nineties. Pop art, contestation, punk scene and the illusionary dream of possible rebellion. With passionate tone and extraordinary ability to craft and cut a story, Claudia Durastanti tells what she knows about America- where she was born and half raised- while reinventing it, touching some loose ends of our past and revealing herself to be one of the most aware and powerful voices in contemporary Italian writing.

«A surprising debut… Claudia Durastanti, born in Brooklyn, writes in Italian and reveals  singular control of this language, the ability to articulate her stories with richness in expression, sharp details and nuances that are really rare»  Angelo Guglielmi, La Stampa

«In her brilliant literary debut Claudia Durastanti tells about a bitter generation who pays the illusion to keep up with its dreams and to deserve them» Veronica Raimo, Rolling Stone

»Durastanti portrays the tangled lives of six young Americans from the Seventies till nowadays… dense language and ambitious style, “pop” stealing everything possible from thirty years of American history» Daniele Castellani Perelli, Europa
Premio Castiglioncello First Novel 2010

About the Author:
Claudia Durastanti was born in Brooklyn in 1984. She lives in Rome, where she graduated in Publishing and Journalism. She writes on IndieForBunnies, an indie web magazine.

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