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Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-7715-875-8

Una parola tira l’altra 1

Attività ed esercizi di vocabolario
ISBN: 978-88-7715-875-8; Pages 192

Una parola tira l’altra 1 is the first level of a series of books addressed to students who need a basic Italian vocabulary for traveling or studying in Italy. The text book includes 22 units, each connected to a specific topic (weather, restaurant, post office, clothes, house, etc.). The vocabulary and the idiomatic expressions are presented in authentic contexts and have been integrated with the study of grammar structures.
Many pictures represent in an ironic and amusing way a variety of authentic situations of Italian life and culture; in this way also self-teaching students can easily use this manual.
Each unit includes many differentiated activities aimed at improving the vocabulary and using it in more personal context.
Una parola tira l’altra 1
Lucidi per lavagna luminosa
ISBN 978-88-7715-976-2
Una parola tira l’altra 2
Attività ed esercizi di vocabolario
by Luciana Guglielmini and Emanuela Paterna
ISBN 978-88-7715-994-6; Pages 192