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Publisher: Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-7246-799-2

Una poesia indimenticabile

Lettere 1936-1986

Edited by Daniele Santero

This book collects in chronological order, letters, picture postcards, postcards, and post tickets that spread through an arch of time lasting 50 years (1936-1986).
The story is of a great friendship and mutual esteem that crops up from these papers that one dedicates to the other during a lifetime. In the correspondence between Giorgio Caproni and Carlo Betocchi, reciprocal exhortative actors, we discover a small new land in the great universe of poetry: a story-line, before and beyond the sentiment of esteem for one another, the good of poetry itself. Not a free poetry, but crushed by sufferance, made of sufferance, like life. ”Dearest Carlo, poetry is made of patience-sufferance- and maybe I don’t suffer enough (or maybe not in a clean enough way)” (3rd October 1953) then after a while and in verses: “My dear Giorgio: ‘I don’t want to write a verse/ that hasn’t personally suffered;/ like this evening the loss of daylight my soul rebounds” (12th May 1954). Poetry is also energy and art of living; the verses of “real poets”, writes Caproni, must be authentic poetry: instruments for sighing, to cry out happiness, pain, love and other infinite and indefinite things and states of mind.
Giorgio Caproni 1912, Roma 1990
Carlo Betocchi Torino 1899, Bordighera 1986

pages 448, format 13.5×21

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