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Publisher: 66THAND2ND

Format: paperback

ISBN: Raffaele Riba

Undoing in one day

Disneyland Paris, France. A chilling sequence of five photographs show a giant stuffed Pluto setting himself on fire with a bottle of petrol. Jacques Vian is the photographer, a reporter for “Le Monde”, who is experiencing the first symptoms of Parkinson’s. Under the costume is Matteo Danza, a Phd student in ethology. Jacques is drawn to Matteo’s act and becomes immersed in his story, like an explorer. He will put together a long and emotional reportage in which he becomes the narrator of Mattia’s utopia, assisting him in his sacrifice, aware of the fact that men are animals in captivity in an artificial nature, persuaded that to become men once again, it is necessary to “give a different priority to our beliefs and correct our aim”.

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