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Venice on a Plate…but What a Plate!

Food and Glass: a combination offering an authentically Venetian experience.

Venetian cooking is fundamentally a simple cuisine because the basic ingredients and methods of preparation are simple and the time required for cooking is short, but it is complex too since it is the result of a long process of exchange between East and West, often counters that have given rise to striking and unusual combinations.

The Venetian gastronomic tradition is also the product of a highly distinctive territory, one in which water and land closely interpenetrate. And so there are fish and shellfish from the lagoon and the nearby Adriatic, vegetables and fruit from the islands in the estuary, meat and game from the mainland and spices from the distant Orient.

What better way to present traditional Venetian dishes than on the magnificent glassware of Murano? In an unprecedented and audacious coupling of gastronomy and art, Venetian glass reveals its many fascinating and still up-to-date aspects and is brought back to life on the modern table through these original pairings.

About the Author: Enrica Rocca, known as the “Cooking Countess,” is the founder of a cooking school acclaimed by Gourmet Magazine as one of the top ten in the world. She was born into an aristocratic family in Venice that taught her how to appreciate, understand and celebrate food. After high school she decided to follow her passion for cooking and attended the prestigious hotel management school in Lausanne. She has not looked back since: Switzerland, Sudan, South Africa, London and finally Venice again.

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