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Publisher: ELI Edizioni

Format: paperback

Viaggio in Italia (Roundtrip)

A game that is a ‘trip’ in the country where the language is spoken through questions of history, geography, culture studies, grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

The board is a background of the country and the path of photographs of different cities, presenting peculiarities of geography, monuments, festivities and traditions. The game is started by tossing a coloured die which directs the player to pick up a coloured card corresponding to the colour shown on the die; each colour represents a theme: e.g. green=grammar. Giving a correct answer allows the player to throw another die that shows how many steps forward may be taken and in so doing the player advances on his trip.

The guide contains facts about every city presented on the board and a list of relevant websites to use for further information.


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