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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-89322-29-2/206706

VIAGGIO NELL’ANIMA – gli anni della nostalgia

JOURNEY IN THE SOUL – nostalgic years

JOURNEY IN THE SOUL  is a definitely Italian itinerary which leaving from the post-war situation arrives to the present opulence.
After the reconstruction of our beautiful peninsula we in fact meet the higher Cinema along the Tevere river, rock and roll, economic boom, utility car, song writers and singers… the prophetic Sixty-eight protest movement with its contradictions and revolutions.
The Seventies utopias and realities aren’t missing, the Red Brigades, street demonstrations, Raffaella Carrà, Fabrizio De Andrè, Portobello, the Other Sunday, Papa Wojtyla, the Italy of balloon in the disorder of Nineties. So the sociologists Flavio D’Ambrosi and Barbara Della Pietra describing social, artistic and cultural phenomena try to recognize and tell the essence of the moment.
It is not only a book of memories but also a text to examine a recent past where those who writes don’t give opinions but offer indications and cues for reflections.

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