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Publisher: Marsilio Editori

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788831799683

Walter Albini and his times

All Power to the Imagination

A lively and multifaceted portrait of a true icon of the fashion system in the seventies.

Universally renowned as the master of total look, Walter Albini created his first collection in 1963. After a meeting with Mariuccia Mandelli he worked with the Krizia atelier and, during his latest season, beside Karl Lagerfeld.

Research on dress-making and on fabric is one of the all-time features of Albini’s work, to whom must be ascribed the birth of a new kind of relation between the designer and the fabric manufacturer, opening a new groupage concept for advertising on specialized periodicals.

This book addresses a crucial moment in the history of fashion: the birth of prêt-à-porter with the definitive overcoming of the atelier and the achievement of a certain democracy in fashion. Walter Albini has been a protagonist of this moment, aware as he was of the necessity of change and innovation in people’s taste.

About the Authors:
Maria Luisa Frisa is director of the graduate course in fashion design at the IUAV in Venice, and fashion curator of the Fondazione Pitti Discovery. She is also editor of the Mode series.
Stefano Tonchi is the style director of «T», the New York Times magazine.

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