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Publisher: Edizioni del Baldo

Format: hardcover

We Have a Baby

From birth to the first year. A guide for new parents

We Have a Baby is a true encyclopedia for new parents, helping you to understand and follow your child’s harmonious development from birth to the first year and beyond.

Simply and clearly written, this complete guide of 384 pages is rich in concrete examples, evocative photographs, practical diagrams and illustrations.

From nursing to weaning:
Recipes and ideas for a balanced and healthy nutrition

Sleep, food, tears and whims, hygiene and health, little accidents:
How to face everyday hurdles

Emotions, communication, language:
Establishing a loving and serene rapport

Physical and psychological development:
Useful suggestions to aid, step by step, coordination, intelligence, sociability and creativity

….and lots of personal advice for you too, to help you explore and experience parenthood at its best. We Have a Baby is not only for prospective parents to read, but also to consult again and again throughout the most important year of your life.

This Guide is the result of many years of labor and research by
Grazia Honegger Fresco
a direct disciple of Maria Montessori (the most important European educator) and President of the Montessori Birth Centre.
Tiziana Valpiana
founder of maternity and birth centres network “Il Melograno”  centred on daily educational care of the newborn.
… a wide range of qualified specialists
in pedagogy, medicine, psychology and parenthood consultancy.
…and numerous parents
with their unique and invaluable experiences.

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