C.G. Edizioni Medico Scientifiche was founded in Turin (Torino), Italy, in 1958 by Mr. Carlo Granata to provide medical professionals… more »

C.I.S.A.M. (Centro Italiano di Studi sull’Alto Medioevo Foundation) has certainly become the most prestigious venue for seminars and conferences devoted… more »

The Caracol publishing house is focused on increasing public awareness of culture, art and architecture. It is strongly interested in… more »

Carthusia Edizioni is a publishing house which since 1987 has been planning and publishing educational/amusing books for children and teenagers… more »

Cartman Edizioni is a young publishing company from Torino, specializing in short stories and photographic essays about multiethnic and multicultural… more »

Established in 1970, the Italian publishing house Casa Editrice Bonechi specializes in the publication of souvenir books on world renowned… more »

Ediart publishes history and art books, as well as art catalogs. Many of its titles are dedicated to art restoration,… more »

Idelson-Gnocchi is a medical and scientific publisher since 1908. Our work has focused on Europe from an Italian base and… more »

Kimerik is one of the most important and dynamic publishing houses in the Italian scene. Our mission is simple and… more »

The publishing house Leo S. Olschki, which celebrated its centennial in 1986, constitutes a force with remarkable characteristics in the… more »

Mammeonline publishing house was created to promote and increase women's artistic, intellectual and creative abilities and to boost the knowledge… more »

Since its founding the late 1950s, Casalini Libri S.p.A. has been dedicated to the supply of bibliographical services, books and… more »

Founded in 1972, our publications showcase the Sicilian culture, tradition and folklore. A new series of advanced technology is offered… more »

The Centro Editoriale Valtortiano (CEV), or Valtorta Publishing Center, was established in 1985 by Emilio Pisani, the son of Michele… more »

CNR produces publications in the fields of science, arts and humanities, and social sciences. Besides the printed publications, CNR produces… more »

Almost twenty years of activity, a catalog with over 400 works by the most important Italian and international authors of… more »

Codice Edizioni was founded in Turin in September 2003 with the goal of renovating Italy’s traditional non-fiction and popular science… more » COEDISAR reproduces documents and old maps. Its facilities are modern and up to date and are especially equipped… more »

Colombo Publisher began it's activity in 1937. In the last years Colombo Publisher has published mainly about the city of… more »

Colophon is an Italian, Venice based, book packager specialised in International co-editions in different domains. Colophon creates, designs and produces… more »

Contrasto is among the leading publishers for photography and illustrated books worldwide. Based in Italy, its catalogue in the last… more »

Founded as a contemporary art gallery (1973) and later becoming a publisher (1988), Corraini Edizioni is an publishing workshop of… more »