L'Asino d’oro is the name chosen by this new publishing house taking  inspiration from Metamorphosis by Apuleio. Massimo Fagioli’s books… more »

Publishing house specializing in scholarly editions on archaeology, ancient history, philology, and history of art. The activities also include organization… more »

LA COCCINELLA is a leading Italian publisher with more than 35 years of experience and specialized in die-cut board books… more »

The Italian Publishing House La Scuola is unrivalled in its field for the creation and adaptation of scholastic materials for… more »

The publishing group LA SPIGA - MODERN specializes in books and audio materials for learners of the main European languages… more »

Laboratorio delle Idee focuses its publishing activities on the implementation of innovative media to transform and integrate traditional paper-based products… more »

Established in Turin in 2007, Las Vegas Edizioni is concentrated on non-genre fiction (“i jackpot” collection) and on fiction dedicated… more »

Since its founding in 2004, Lavieri has worked in various areas (literature, children's books, comics), producing books for different interests… more »

Lazzaretti Editore publishes books and videos for the study and comprehension of foreign languages. We publish French, English and Italian… more »

Established in 1987, Legenda has always distinguished itself in the publishing field for its diversified and complete product series focusing… more »

Leone Editore, a dynamic publishing house, was founded in 2009 by Antonio Leone with the objective to renew and expand… more »

Les Mots Libres Edizioni is an independent publishing house founded in Bologna in 2016. Long story short: our only rule… more »

Founded in 1992, Libro Co. Italia is now a leader in the book distribution trade and an on-line store whose… more »

The Art Publisher Lo Scarabeo is internationally renowned for its artistic quality into the realm of illustration, and for its… more »

Lo Stampatello starts with two books about omoparental families (those with two mothers or two fathers). It aims to speak… more »

Established in 1867, Loescher Editore publishes textbooks for primary and secondary schools in literature, language arts, history, philosophy, social science,… more »

Established in 2007, it was acquired by Marsilio Editori in 2009: LOG607 designs and realizes publishing formats and engaging groundbreaking… more »

Logosedizioni, whose catalogue contains more than 500 titles, is one of the most important publishers in Italy for Architecture, Design… more »

Guide-books to visit and remember Rome and the Vatican, available up to 24 languages. more »

A great passion for literature, cultural heritage, art, and tourism bolstered by the sensitivity of an all-female team: this is… more »