Publisher Sassi Editore, formally Sassi Editore Srl since 2006, creates and distributes high-quality illustrated books, relying on Luca Sassi’s extensive… more »

Professional picture library of art, architecture, photography, film, design & travel for reproduction. Digital images & transparencies. Publishers of illustrated… more »

Established in 2010, it publishes books ranging from science dissemination to nonfiction for children and young adults; fields covered include… more »

segreteria@scriptamaneant.it, additional email Scripta Maneant is the publisher of very beautiful art, architecture and design books. We work with leading… more »

Founded in 2004, SECOP Edizioni offers a selection of works from short stories to poetry, especially addressing the challenges of… more »

Sellerio Editore was founded in 1969 to give a voice to the Sicilian literature as well as the less known… more »

Sergio Bonelli Editore is an Italian comic book publisher operating since the 1940's under other names and industry leaders in Italy, selling more than 500,000… more »

Since 1960, SIES provides all books, DVDs and audiobooks from all Italian publishers.
SIES has a leading role in the export… more »

Sillabe is a publishing house specialized in art books, exhibition catalogues, guides, critical essays, restoration, art for children and art… more »

Publisher of illustrated books: art monographs, catalogues of exhibitions, museums and galleries guides, photography, design. more »

Founded in 2015 in Milan, we are a consulting company for the international publishing market. We offer an effective approach… more »

SIME Books is a newly formed publishing house dedicated to tourism and promoting Italy. It publishes books, guides, multimedia, posters,… more »

Simplicissimus Book Farm (www.simplicissimus.it) was established in 2006 and operates a distribution platform STEALTH, aggregating over 40,000 ebooks from 15… more »

Sitcom Editore, founded in 2005 as a branch of the Gruppo Sitcom company, is specialized in high quality illustrated Cook,… more »

Established by Albert Skira in 1928, and originally based in Geneva and Paris, Skira is now one of the world's… more »

This small publishing house, for over 20 years, has worked to re-evaluate Italian fiction and poetry, with particular interest in… more »

Stories to read and tell, so to render our lives better even if just for a few hours SPORTeBOOK recounts… more »

Stilo Editrice started its publishing activity in 1999. It publishes literatures of different times, books concerning economic and social life… more »

Studio LT2 Edizione began in Venice as a complement and publishing house to the bookstore chain that includes the historic… more »