Editrice Elledici

Corso Francia, 333/3
10142 Torino (TO) Italy

Tel: +39 011/9552111

Fax: +39 011/9564048

The publishing house ‘ELLEDICI’ has worked for more than sixty years in the domain of catechesis and teaching of religion, education, and evangelization, with particular attention for young people and their educators, according to Don Bosco’s spirit and teaching.

The more than 3,000 titles which constitute its wide and diversified catalogue (which can be consulted with the research engine present in this website) include both scientific and cultural texts for people committed in the domain of human, ecclesial, and social growth in all its dimensions.

The subject of education directed to youth world, which today is among the more relevant and requested, counts a rich selection of handbooks concerning social and familiar themes, and a wide space is devoted to youth spirituality, with books addressed to young people concerning plays in the open, quiz games, theatre, and, in general terms, free time.

As for evangelization, catechesis, and teaching of religion, there are aids in service of CEI catechisms, many editions of the Bible (including the interdenominational version in current language, in cooperation with ‘Alleanza Biblica Universale’, Universal Biblical Alliance) and biblical divulgation; official documents of both universal and Italian Church; studying and research works concerning liturgy, ethics, and spirituality; books for teaching to pray and many texts of religion which are chosen in schools of every level.

A publishing offer which, among books and multimedia products, counts real operational tools in continuous change, following both requirements and needs of its diversified typology of readers.

The structure of the company includes also a net of six bookshops ‘Don Bosco – ELLEDICI’, as well as the cooperative support which has been established for a long time with four sale points of LES (‘Libreria Editrice Salesiana’, Salesian Publishing Bookshop).

In order to improve the visibility of its products, which are anyhow present in every religious bookshop and many laic bookshops, for a short time has started a strict collaboration with some religious bookshops, called Elledici Points.

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