Editrice Shamor – La Verità nel Tempo

Via Legnone, 39
20158 Milano (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02/6886798

Fax: +39 02/38001824

The publishing house “Shamor La Verita Nel Tempo” (the truth through the ages) opened two years ago with the intention of spreading the new divine teachings to the whole world. These are written in the series “Shamor” and deal with arguments of our daily life which include philosophy, religion, medicine, poetry and various sciences. These works represent the patrimony of the universal divine knowledge as documentation for our descendants and have been received by the medium Lucian Ferrari from Milan who has been working with automatic writing in extra sensory perception for 27 years. These unique books have been received with love and printed on recycled paper in respect of nature. The books bring positive energy to the reader and for this reason they are called “therapeutic books for body and mind.” All of the books have been divulged as an inexhaustible fountain of a superior design. The publishing house is sustained by members of the Association Shamor with no financial or political funding. Our angels indicated the path to us and we follow silently and humbly. Our religion is founded on sentiments of peace and hope for a better world. The world to which all those who have been thirsty for truth and justice in the name of he who comes from the world to say “I am the way, the truth and the life” aim for all human beings of good will in brotherhood for the publisher Shamor la Verita nel Tempo.

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