Edizioni Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo

Via del Grano, 49
00172 Rome (RM) Italy

Tel: 011-39-06-2310577

Fax: 011-39-06-2305014

Editions RnS has been recognized for years in Catholic publishing for the quality of its titles ranging from education to spirituality, from the patristic to the catechesis, from essays to witness. Considerable space is devoted to children, young people and families, to new evangelization. A very significant sector is that of Christian music, whose catalog consists of more than 30 productions. The editor publishes an average of 10 titles per year and has a catalog of more than 100 books, in which they find suitable placement signatures of great value. Some of our titles have been translated into five languages and distributed in over 30 different countries.

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