Federighi Editori di Pampaloni Gloria

Via Torino, 18
50052 Certaldo (FI) Italy

Tel: +39 0571 664016

Fax: +39 0571 663568

Federighi Editori is an Italian publishing house, whose main purpose is to encourage children’s curiosity and their will to learn.
The collection “Le Novelle della Cipolla” (“Tales of the onion”) was created to kindle younger readers’ interest for the greatest classics of literature, which have been readapted, simplified and illustrated in an amusing way.
The most important writings, such as “The Divine Comedy”, “The Betrothed”, “The Decameron”, “The Odyssey” and many other classics and legends are part of this collection; most of them are available in Italian and English.
“I Grandi per Gioco” (“Great Personalities for Fun”) is a book series about great personalities of science, art and history, seen from a different viewpoint. All the books are illustrated and hardback covered. This book series includes: “Garibaldi si racconta”, Sognando Leonardo (My secret adventure with Leonardo”) and “Dante Aighieri – Una vita” (“Dante – his own story”).
The books of the “Scienze ed Arti nel Rinascimento” series (by Prof. Rocco Sinisgalli from the Sapienza University of Rome) are about Leonardo da Vinci and Piero della Francesca, seen as scientists and mathematicians.

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