Les Mots Libres edizioni

Via San Felice, 3
40122 Bologna - ITALY

Tel: +39 051 269917

Les Mots Libres Edizioni is an independent publishing house founded in Bologna in 2016. Long story short: our only rule is to overcome rules. We draw lines and boundaries and then find ourselves making holes in the fence, to reach an ever changing point of view. Since our birth we started three collections. Vidas is about the life and legend of great figures of our time – our first guest is Mr. David Bowie. AlBoom! is a bombing shout to gather all the dreamers in town, and tell them illustrated stories. Our griot is named Canizales, he comes from the sea. But there are books that don’t fall in any of the collections, but that we fall in love with. The maverick we’re talking about is My Name is Not Refugee, by the English author Kate Milner.

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