MGC Edizioni

Via Frattina, 89
00187 Rome (RM) Italy

Tel: 011-39-06-93387610

Fax: 011-39-06-99367403

During its first year of operation, MGC Editions has published, within the series “Dedicated,” titles on cinema, entertainment, and television. In April 2010, MGC published the book “The Smiling Liar” by Alberto Porto, a first-time writer, who edited the Italian editions of the Mediaset television series and is preparing to publish the book titled “Parfums” the great Philippe Leroy premiere at the 2010 Edition of the world Book Fair in Turin. Moreover, the book was presented to TG5 in the section “READING” OF CHARLES GALLUCCI, which aired on August 4, 2010. The entire interview can be seen on the author’s website ( and on MGC’s Facebook page., additional email

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