Palombi Editori

Via dei Gracchi, 183
00192 Roma (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 06/3214150

Fax: +39 06/3214752

Fratelli Palombi Editori, founded in 1914, publishes refined and carefully produced works by prestigious authors. In addition to publishing, Fratell Palombi Editori prepares publications to order, produces small print jobs, and has an art book-shop. The publishing sector of the company has a particular reference to art, the city of Rome, plans of monuments, architecture and the various aspects of culture of quality. Their books and periodicals are distributed and sold in book-shops throughout Italy, in their own book-shop on Via dei Gracchi 183 and through their own website catalogue which includes over 70 titles, a part of which is dedicated to children.

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