Skira Editore Spa

Via Torino, 61
20123 Milano

Established by Albert Skira in 1928, and originally based in Geneva and Paris, Skira is now one of the world’s oldest and finest international art publishers. Today, Skira’s headquarters are in Milan with affiliated companies in Paris and Rome. Skira offers a multilingual publishing programme or, rather, distinct publishing programmes, corresponding to equally distinct geographic and linguistic areas of intervention. Books in Italian are more numerous, and include, among others, catalogues for major exhibitions in Italy, and are distributed in bookshops by Messaggerie Libri, with promotions entrusted to PDE. The line in English is second in importance: the distribution is entrusted to ArtBook DAP  in US and Thames & Hudson for the rest of the world. Books in French, fundamental for what is Skira’s past, are distributed by Flammarion. Today, Skira is probably the most important publisher of catalogues for major events around the globe, with at least 250 titles each year. But the company is also the most important player in Italy regarding the conception and production of exhibitions.

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