Studio LT2

Dorsoduro, 1214
30123 Venezia (VE) Italy

Tel: +39 041 2415372

Fax: +39 041 2415371

Studio LT2 Edizione began in Venice as a complement and publishing house to the bookstore chain that includes the historic Libreria Toletta established in 1933, in cooperation with Mondadori Libreria Venezia, which opened in 2004.

The staffs of Studio Editoriale, ES and Abscondita acted as consultants for the launch and marketing of the Studio LT2 imprint. Promotion and national distribution are entrusted to CDA (Consorzio Distributori Associati, Bologna) and LS Distribuzione Editoriale.

Editorial projects include the following series: Secreta, an essay series on current affairs; Oselle, a fiction series; and Studium, a series supporting academic texts.

Studio LT2 Edizione currently publishes 14 authors of diverse backgrounds and qualifications.

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